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• There are several types of lungworm which affect dogs in the UK
• Whilst the number of cases of lungworm seems to be increasing, lungworm is much less common than other dog parasites such as fleas, ticks and worms that inhabit the gut
• Dogs become infected eating a snail or slug who is infected with the disease (NOT the slime trail left by the snail)
• The signs associated with lungworm infection are variable and include coughing, reduced ability to exercise, excessive bleeding from wounds or spontaneous bleeding / bruising, signs of internal bleeding including seizures. If untreated this can be fatal to dogs usually due to uncontrolled bleeding.

Exciting News from Alma Vets - Spring 2017

We like any excuse for a celebration at Alma so we are happy to announce that vet Heather Westron is now a Partner alongside vet Peter Calow.
But no need for fans of Mr Timms to be disappointed as he is remaining with us for the foreseeable future as a Consultant Vet.

"Wonderful congratulations - you're all marvellous in what you all do xx" Julie

PDSA Pet Practice Scheme

If you receive Housing benefit or Council Tax reduction then you may be eligible to register one of your pets on the PDSA Pet Practice scheme. This allows your pet to receive free treatment if an accident or illness occurs.

Your pet must be pre-registered to be eligible to receive free treatment, so it's important not to wait until there is a problem or your pet may not be eligible.

Call  01723 360484 for further details or to ask for an application form.


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