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Dogs are prone to eat whatever they can find


Over the years we have removed many types of objects from dogs, including stones, fruit stones, sticks, string, needles, hooks, cassette tape, seaweed, rope, plastic, balls of various types, Christmas decorations, socks and many more.  Two such cases seen recently by our vets highlight this.

Firstly, Max is a 9 year old miniature dachshund who has a long medical history including problems with his vertebral discs and long term skin irritation. 

For a couple of months Max had become tired and withdrawn and was giving increasing concern to his devoted owners.

On examination Max showed a painful abdomen and a slight temperature. Abdominal X-Rays failed to demonstrate the cause of the problem, but further tests showed fluid within his abdominal cavity which suggested peritonitis. 

Fearing possible cancer, at exploratory surgery a sharp object was felt in Max’s stomach, which was revealed to be a completely intact cocktail stick!! It was even possible to see the burn marks at one end!

Not surprisingly, on questioning the owners, it seemed that the onset of Max’s illness did indeed correspond exactly with their last barbeque! No sign was seen of the sausage which would have been attached to the cocktail stick! Since the operation to remove the offending extremely sharp piece of wood,

Max has returned to his normal self and was soon jumping around in a way he hadn’t done for quite a while.

The second case was Koko, a 12 week old female staffordshire bull terrier cross recently acquired by a new owner. Koko presented to us severely off colour, and vomiting.

At examination it was possible to feel a lump in Koko’s abdomen. Exploratory surgery revealed an object blocking the bowel, which was revealed to be a baby’s dummy!

After removal of the dummy Koko rapidly improved and within a few days was back to normal. The owner is now extremely careful about where the dummies are placed when not in use!

These 2 cases will not be the last, and we wait with interest to see what the next canine gastronomic disaster will be!

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