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Why it is vital to check your dog's feet after a walk in long summer grass!

Here is something to do on a regular basis - check your dog's feet, groin and armpits for grass seeds!

Long haired dogs tend to accumulate seeds on top of their feet between the toes, especially if they have webbed feet.

If the hair is knotty you may need to carefully clip or brush it out the way. I couldn't see any seeds here until I clipped off some hair....

The grass seeds under knotty hair can irritate the skin so be careful and if you find sore bits you can bathe them with salty water.

All these seeds came from just one foot.

It is easy to miss this. This dog had seeds under knotty hair in his armpits, the seeds had worked under the skin and caused little abcesses.

He will heal up well now he's all clipped and cleaned.