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Annual vaccinations are vital for dogs, cats and rabbits to protect them against serious and possibly fatal disease.

Puppies and kittens can begin their vaccination from 8 weeks of age, and rabbits from 5 weeks. We send free annual booster reminders for subsequent vaccinations. An annual health check will be performed during the vaccination consultation.

Repeat Medications

Repeat medication can be issued where there is a need for ongoing medical treatment. A veterinary surgeon must approve each medicine to be dispensed, hence please try and give at least 24 hours notice when such medication is required.

Pets receiving repeat medications are required to be re-examined at intervals determined by the medication being used in each individual case, often six monthly.


We hold stocks of many prescription and non-prescription diets for dogs and cats. Please ask for dietary and nutritional advice if you are unsure which diet is most appropriate for your pet.

Pet Passports

We can perform all the necessary vaccinations and paperwork at least one month prior to travel.

A pet passport can then be issued, enabling your pet to travel within Europe and some other destinations, and then return home without the need for quarantine. The DEFRA website is a good source of information -
Defra and travelling with your pet

Flea, Tick and Worm Treatments

We stock a range of modern and effective flea, tick and worm treatments. These can be administered as spot-ons or by mouth.

Environmental flea control can be achieved by the use of injections in cats, or by the use of aerosol sprays around the house.

We can provide a free postal reminder for oral or injectable flea preparations to help you keep up to date. Dogs and cats should be wormed every 3 months.

This is for both for the health of your pet and for public health reasons. Please ask for advice.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

We can perform blood pressure checks, particularly useful in cats with heart and kidney problems.

Weight Checks

Home based weighing scales can be very inaccurate. We will often perform weight checks during consultations, but in addition please contact the surgery at any other time to arrange an accurate free weight check.

Weight checks are useful for all pets for routine monitoring, and especially so for pets on weight reduction diets.


We have a range of insurance leaflets detailing various policies for dogs, cats, rabbits and exotic pets. Modern surgical and medical treatments can be costly, and hence we strongly recommend pet insurance. Please ask for advice where necessary.


Unless required for breeding, we recommend that all cats are neutered between 4 and 6 months of age.

Again, unless required for breeding, we recommend that all bitches are spayed. Bitches should be neutered preferably between 4 and 6 months of age before they have their first season, or if to be neutered later then 3 months after their first or subsequent seasons, or 8 weeks after any false pregnancy.

Male dogs can be castrated from 4 months of age onwards.

We recommend later neutering of male and female large or giant breeds of dog. Please contact the surgery for advice.

We recommend that all female rabbits are neutered from 4 months of age, and that where necessary male rabbits are neutered from the same age.


A tiny microchip placed under the skin provides permanent identification. This is a legal requirement in all dogs over 8 weeks of age, but we do recommend that all pets are microchipped.

The microchip number is entered into a central database and registered against your contact details, enabling rapid return of your pet when necessary.

All veterinary surgeons, the police, RSPCA inspectors and dog wardens carry microchip scanners. Microchips can be inserted either at a routine consultation or when at the surgery for neutering.

Dental Care

Many dogs and cats have dental disease. We can advise on the best way to both treat and prevent dental and gum problems.

We have ultrasound dental tooth scaling and polishing equipment to treat existing dental issues, and a range of techniques and products for prevention of future problems. Please ask for advice.


Whilst we can deal with the majority of medical and surgical cases in house, we do have contact with a range of referral specialists when necessary.

Most frequently this involves referral for more complex eye cases or difficult orthopaedic procedures.


Sadly a difficult decision must sometimes be made at the end of a pet’s life. We will strive to deal with this in a sympathetic and sensitive manner.

There are several options regarding cremation or burial. Please ring for advice or guidance on any aspect of this subject.