Equipment and Facilities

Operating Theatre

A fully equipped operating theatre with a wide range of anaesthetic and surgical equipment for all sizes from a hamster to a Wolfhound.

We are able to perform most surgical procedures ourselves at Alma Square, helped by occasional referrals to specialist surgeons when necessary.

Ultrasound examination

We have a modern ultrasound machine suitable for all examinations of the chest and abdomen, including pregnancy diagnosis.

Operating theatre Alma Vets


We have our own dedicated radiography room equipped with a digital X-ray processor. 

We provide rapid same day interpretation of all X-Rays performed.


Used to diagnose and monitor heart rhythm irregularities.


Hospitalisation Ward

Our large ward is heated day and night to provide warm and comfortable surroundings for hospitalised or day patients.


We stock a large range of veterinary medications in the pharmacy, ensuring minimum delays in treatment.

Hospitalisation Ward

Dental Facilities

We use modern dental scaling and polishing equipment to help us treat dental problems in dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs.


We use the services of several diagnostic laboratories for more extensive blood tests or tissue analysis, providing rapid often next day turnaround of laboratory samples. In addition we can perform many blood, urine and skin tests in-house.

Dental Facilities