*Our Alma Vets Pet Health Plans*

Welcome to our Pet Care Plan. A great way to spread the cost of your pet’s treatments and give them the preventative healthcare they deserve.

All of this is included:

* Home delivery every 3 months of prescription wormer and flea/tick products.

* Vaccinations, normal primary vaccines and boosters for cats dogs and rabbits and kennel cough for dogs (doesn’t include rabies vaccine).

* A health check by a vet every 6 months.

* 10% off diets

* 10% off dentistry

* 10% off long term medications

* Microchip if needed

Rabbit £10.50

Cat £20.00

Small dog (0-10kg) £20.00

Medium dog (10-20kg) £22.00

Large dog (20-40kg) £24.50

Giant dog (40.1-60kg) £30.00

New clients to Alma Vets need to be registered with us for 3 months before signing up on the Pet Care Plan

Our Pet Health Plan is for a minimum of 12 months.  Usually the first month payment is to us.  After that 11 direct debits are taken.  The first direct debit has an additional £5 set up fee for new plans.  Existing plans auto renew after a year.